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Essential tips for kitchen design in Dubai

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The kitchen in one’s home has to be aesthetic yet highly functional simultaneously. That is why you must carefully plan to design your only kitchen in the house beforehand. This article highlights some easy and essential tips and tactics to design a kitchen in Dubai. 

In everyone’s home, the kitchen is where almost everyone frequents, even the guest. It would not be wrong to say that it is the most happening space in every home. Kitchen space is the hub of any home, from making meals to sharing gossip over tea to storing food items. As much as it needs to be valuable and practical, looking inviting and good also matters. 

A kitchen should have enough space and amenities that you love to use in the kitchen. Designing a perfect kitchen does not mean you should ignore the essentials a kitchen must-have. You should be thoughtful yet take time to create or choose the most suitable kitchen design for your personal space. Or, you can a hire carpenter near me dubai for kitchen design services in Dubai.


Over the years, modern trends and technological developments have pointed to the necessity of a highly functional kitchen keeping in mind the focal point. Kitchen cabinet Dubai is one modern upgrade to kitchen design. Not only it serves its purpose, but it also adds considerate value to the space. 

Since you will be investing money and time in quality and lovely kitchen modeling, it would help to note these essential tips for kitchen design. 

Pick the appropriate kitchen layout. 

No doubt that you can input your unique kitchen layout ideas when designing a kitchen Dubai. However, following a pattern would help improve the overall look and vibe of the home. Moreover, different types of kitchen layouts have additional benefits to offer. 

A fully closed kitchen layout provides more private space allowing your cooking fragrances to flow across the house. A fully open kitchen layout design blurs the line between the living and kitchen areas. At the same time, semi-closed kitchen layout designs offer a mix of both benefits. 

For your advantage, here are the popular types of kitchen layout designs in Dubai.


  • Open kitchen layout – This type of interior kitchen design is best for smaller kitchen spaces that easily integrate with other parts of the house. Since it is an open space, every functional component or amenities is easily accessible. 
  • L-shaped kitchen layout – This type of layout is the most common for small kitchens. Shaped like an L, it has countertop elements allowing for a spacious yet organized kitchen look. 
  • U-shaped kitchen layout – This layout is best for a kitchen with ample space. The U-shape comes from the placement of the countertops. The adjacent lines form the shape of a U.
  • Parallel kitchen layout – You can find this type of layout in small kitchens. The opposite sides of the wall are utilized by placing parallel countertops. You can move around in the space between them. Such design allows the free flow of light, making the space less claustrophobic. 
  • Island Kitchen layout – One of the latest kitchen design trends globally is the kitchen island. If you have ample space to set up your kitchen, building an island is quite advantageous as you get dining cum standing cabinets that are very functional. 
  • Straight kitchen layout – If you like a simple kitchen design, this layout could be your choice. Since the space is limited, you can add a single countertop with side cupboards or shelves, making the most out of the compact space.

Eliminate any space wastage elements

The kitchen contains varieties of stuff. If no suitable storage options exist, stuff will lie here and there. That takes up unwanted spaces in the kitchen. Grinders and food processors will not have proper places to keep without any shelves. Arranging many home appliances will be challenging. So, even designing cupboards and cabinets, use only the necessary space. Inadequate designs will take up extra space. 

Moreover, anything extra built in the kitchen takes time, precision, and money. A mistake in design will cost significant loss. Rather than multiple storage options, you can go for extra-long cabinets with foldable features for better utility and functionality. Anything that takes up unnecessary space should be eliminated or altered to suit the kitchen design. 

Smoothen the corners.

Tabletops or countertops usually come with sharp corners that often hurts the person working in the kitchen. More importantly, upper cabinets must have curved corners as they could hurt one’s head if the corners are sharp. The cabinet doors and how they swing should be well-planned for better functionality. Adjacent doors should not bang against each other. Use low-profile handles if your kitchen has tight corners to move around. 

Build sufficient and functional storage spaces.

A relatively minor kitchen can also seem spacious with the correct elements. Kitchen cabinet Dubai offers many options to create beautiful and practical storage solutions. Cabinets and drawers help the organization better in the kitchen. Even if stuff is cluttered inside the cabinet, it won’t be easily visible to the eye. 

Cabinets help store most items in the kitchen. From food items to kitchen appliances, anything can be kept. Open shelves are also an option to improve the visual aspects of kitchen storage. You can even place decor items in them. Hooks are also available to hang various kitchen stuff. 

Utilize a balanced color palette

Whatever type of kitchen layout design you have chosen, everything will appear different if the color choice is not appropriate. Choose the color that matches your home aesthetics and vibe. If you want a party vibe in the kitchen, go for loud and bright colors. For a contrasting mix of shades, use complementary colors on the cabinets and walls. 

For calm, refreshing, and serene vibes, neutral shades with hints of deep colors are best. Accent wall paints are applicable and trending if there is nothing much interesting to your kitchen elements. The color segment is essential as it can make or break your kitchen design’s appearance and feel. 

Follow the scale of space. 

When everything is balanced in the kitchen, things appear neat, clean, and organized. But a slight mistake with the scaling of the kitchen can mess up the kitchen design. If you have relatively little kitchen space, avoid placing overly large pieces in size. Since the kitchen space is compact, everything that stays in the kitchen should follow the same. Rather than making large countertops and sink that would take up more of the kitchen space, compact and functional sizes are better. 

Focus on quality 

While choosing a suitable kitchen design is crucial, picking the right material to build the rest of the kitchen elements is vital. Say, if you add intricate kitchen cabinets, use the highest-quality materials. Look for specific properties like waterproofing, heat resistance, etc. The choice of material will determine if your kitchen elements, like countertops, sinks, taps, and cupboards, are long-lasting for years or not. Making the correct choice also contributes to sustainability. 


The choice of lighting is very vital in the kitchen. They improve the overall functionality and usage of the space. One cannot afford to have bad lighting choices for kitchen lighting needs. Not only is it important for design and looks, but also for safety concerns. You can improve the vibe and look of the kitchen and its display factors with proper accent lighting and cabinet under lights. 

Adequate ventilation 

A variety of stuff is cooked and stored in the kitchen. From fresh vegetables to cooked meals to stale food items, when all their odors mix, they produce a stinky smell in the kitchen. To prevent bad air circulation, a proper ventilation system is essential. Keeping the air fresh in the kitchen is healthy for the people and food. It also helps keep the kitchen cleaner. So, do invest in quality and proper ventilation systems. 

Create a focal point.

The focal point is something in the kitchen that attracts the eye of the onlooker, whoever enters the space. It is like making a bold statement. Placing a catchy element in the kitchen is excellent. It complements the whole area. The focal point in the kitchen can be anything, such as colorful patterned countertops, intricate detailed cabinet doors, fancy flooring, pendant lighting, and ceiling. Without it, your kitchen will appear dull even with the best kitchen layout design. 


So, these are the essential tips and tricks to improve your kitchen design. If necessary, you can always take help from professional kitchen designers. With your creative ideas and their efficient understanding of kitchen design, you can have the best-looking and functional kitchen within your budget. And since Dubai is s diverse community at this point, you have many options and affecting factors. 

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